Leadership with vision and experience.

          As a business owner, educator, and long-time resident of La Mirada I have seen the city change over the years. My children grew up in La Mirada schools and enjoyed programs within the city. However, over the years I have seen businesses leave because of the difficult business climate. The city raised our taxes to pay for street repairs across the city, but was barely even able to finish half the work with the tens of millions they got from us. The city has also failed to attract well established restaurants that residents could enjoy. Having owned a business in the city I have seen first hand the issues an unresponsive government creates for the business community.


           The truth is we can’t afford to keep the status quo. We need new ideas, new leaders with strong vision and creative thinking that can bring positive change to our city. I look forward to working with businesses and residents to address the challenges that lay before us. I will ensure issues and complaints do not fall on deaf ears. With your support we can bring positive change to La Mirada and guarantee our streets remain the newest, cleanest, and safest around.


© Fowler for Council 2020